In the summer of 2008, the National Museum of Iceland commissioned a comprehensive photographical project that would shed light on contemporary society in Iceland. Pétur Thomsen was chosen from a group of applicants to work on his project Ásfjall, which he started the year before: 

Ásfjall in Hafnarfjörður is interesting for several reasons. For instance, it features one of the highest neighbourhoods with regard to altitude in the Greater Reykjavík Area, established neighbourhoods, recreational areas, protected areas, woods, and new neighbourhoods under construction. I will focus on this last point in this project. […] What makes this area an interesting subject for a photographer is that it graphically portrays the situation in Icelandic society today, and the immense developments that took place all over the Reykjavík area during the past few years. A new neighbourhood is taking root in nature, right next to a nature reserve. But the downturn in the economy has slowed the development down. A lot of the property around there is now for sale, and many building foundations have been left untouched for some time

Events in the Icelandic society influenced how the project turned out. Within six months from its beginning the Icelandic economy collapsed.

The text Um hverfi/About a Neighbourhood written by Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir for the book Ásfjall.